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In order to avoid a failure of your uninterruptible power supply, it is recommended to have the battery cells comprehensively checked and tested. Please note that because of the structure of the electrochemical cell, the battery lifetime depends mostly on whether the cells are used and maintained properly. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the temperature at the battery foundation, as well as the number of battery charging/discharging cycles with appropriate depth as recommended by the manufacturer.

At the client’s request, we carry out the following battery tests and measurements

  • Measuring the battery internal resistance TES 33
  • Testing the battery conductance with MIDTRONICS Celtron Ultra CTU 6000
  • Testing the battery capacity at C1 C3, C5, C10, C20 ratings, DC load bank 30A, 60A, 650Vdc
  • Measuring the backup time (discharging the battery  with external load)

We supply and replace batteries from the following manufacturers: Europower, Yuasa, CSB, Sonnenschein, MWPower

We service batteries for clients all over Poland and Europe.


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