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UPS maintenance inspections; In order to ensure proper operation of the device and enhance the reliability of the uninterruptible power supply system, it is advisable to carry out annual periodical inspections, quarterly checks, and extended maintenance plans under service agreements. During the maintenance works, the device will be switched to the maintenance bypass mode. While on this mode, the technical inspection will be carried out, and then a return back to normal operating mode.

UPS maintenance should always include comprehensive battery checks, as the batteries are the source of power supply in case of electricity outages. This includes, first of all, eliminating broken cells in the battery, which will allow to avoid the uninterruptible power supply system breakdown.

Furthermore, we replace consumables: DC capacitors, AC capacitors, and fans, at the respective intervals during the UPS equipment life cycle.

  • We cancel the maintenance alarms after having performed the work. 
  • We carry out diagnosis and repairs of broken UPS.
  • All our UPS maintained services are offered to clients all over Poland and Europe area.


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